…next Mandriva Linux be made by a member of the community…

Mandriva would be responsible to provide the bugs 🙂

David Barth, in Vive le printemps! (about Spring, Mandriva and the Community), about Mandriva Linux 2008:

 «First, I’m reorganizing the teams in the Engineering, promoting Anne Nicolas as Engineering Director. … She will be in charge of the development of all the Mandriva Linux releases. … Second, Anne is working with the teams to draft the technical roadmap for the 2008 release. … Third, Anne will organize the work and enhance the Mandriva policy for contributors.»

 «Mandriva is proud and honored to have one of the oldest free software community … Anne will ensure that this ecosystem continues to grow, opens even more …»

 «On this occasion, I’m proposing a further step and wish that the next Free Software version of Mandriva Linux be made directly by a member of the community.»
Now that community will make the distro, is Mandriva only responsible to provide the bugs? (And an even larger KDE button, c’est promis?)
Sorry about that, I couldn’t resist the temptation 🙂



  1. pake bahasanya mr. bean siy, jadi kagak ngerti…

  2. duh, jadi malu…

    iya mas, sebenere aku ngerti. cuma becanda aja.
    emang kayaknya sekarang lagi jadi tren tuh, back to community..

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