Choosing the right edition of Mandriva Linux


Choosing the right edition of Mandriva Linux


Please read below to get more information about Mandriva isos content.

Hybrid isos
All 2009 Spring isos are hybrid isos. You can dump it on a USB key and use this key as an install media. Please find GUI tool to create it: for Linux platforms, for Windows one.

Free edition
The Free edition of Mandriva Linux is so named because it is ‘free’ in both senses: it costs nothing and it contains only free and open source software, as defined by the Free Software Foundation and Open Source Initiative. It contains a fully functional distribution with a range of applications aimed at typical desktop use. It must be installed to your hard disk prior to use. This is the ideal edition of Mandriva Linux to use if you wish to evaluate a comprehensive Mandriva Linux edition, or if you wish to use only free / open source software on your system.


1 dual arch mini iso
Mini iso proposes all minimum for a light environment for both 32 and 64 arch. Choice is done when starting installation.


DVD version
DVD version is the most complete version of Free edition. You can choose 32 or 64 bits version depending of your architecture.


One edition
The One edition of Mandriva Linux is a Live CD. A Live CD is an operating system which boots and runs directly from CD, with no installation required, and without making any permanent change to the system on which it runs. Mandriva One, however, is a hybrid Live CD, meaning it also has an installer allowing it to be installed to the system’s hard disk, should the user so desire. The small size of Mandriva One also makes it ideal for users with slow or bandwidth limited Internet connections.

You will find 6 CDs images, providing KDE or GNOME graphical environment. Then choose the right languages set following below list:



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