Install Mandriva Directory Server : base plugins (II)

Sebelumnya di
Langsung aja edit file /etc/mmc/plugins/base.ini

[root@server1 /]# vim /etc/mmc/plugins/base.ini

Isinya kurang lebih seperti ini :


# LDAP we are connected to

host =

# LDAP base DN

baseDN = dc=bayu, dc=com

# Users location in the LDAP

baseUsersDN = ou=People, %(basedn)s

# Groups location in the LDAP

baseGroupsDN = ou=Group, %(basedn)s

# LDAP manager

#rootName = cn=admin, %(basedn)s

rootName = uid=LDAP Admin,ou=System Accounts,dc=bayu,dc=com

password = kates #(ingat passwordnya tadi)

# If enabled, the MMC will create/move/delete the home of the users

# Else will do nothing, but only write user informations into LDAP

userHomeAction = 1

# Skeleton directory to populate a new home directory

skelDir = /etc/skel

# If set, all new users will belong to this group when created

defaultUserGroup = Domain Users

# Default home directory for users

defaultHomeDir = /home

# user uid number start

uidStart = 10000

# group gid number start

gidStart = 10000

# LDAP log file path

logfile = /var/log/ldap/ldap.log

# FDS log file path

# logfile = /opt/fedora-ds/slapd-hostname/logs/access

# you can specify here where you can authorized creation of your homedir

# default is your defaultHomeDir

# example:

# authorizedHomeDir = /home, /home2, /mnt/depot/newhome

# LDAP user password scheme to use

# Possible values are “ssha” and “crypt”

passwordscheme = ssha


# Path of the backup tools

path = /usr/lib/mmc/backup-tools

# Where are put the archives

destpath = /home/archives


Kemudian buat direktori /home/archives

[root@server1 box]# mkdir /home/archives

Trus Sekarang edit file /etc/php.ini, cari baris

php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off

Ganti dengan

php_flag magic_quotes_gpc on

Dan  jangan lupa matikan php-eaccelator nya (ini di mandriva 2009.1).
Restart webserver

[root@server1 box]# /etc/init.d/httpd start
Starting httpd:                                                 [  OK  ]
[root@server1 box]#

Jalankan mmc-agent

[root@server1 box]# /etc/init.d/mmc-agent start
Starting mmc-agent:

Trus akses ke MDS nya, buka browser, ketik ke alamat http://server/mmc



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