Google Picasa 3

Download Google Picasa 3 from


for example. coz im using mandriva linux.

After download it, install with urpmi command


[root@srempuan Download]# urpmi picasa-3.0-current.i386.rpm
To satisfy dependencies, the following packages are going to be installed:
Package                        Version      Release       Arch
(medium “main_rilis_arsip”)
cups-common                    1.3.10       2mdv2009.1    i586
glibc_lsb                      2.4.7        4mdv2009.1    i586
make                           3.81         4mdv2009.1    i586
(medium “main_backport_arsip”)
lsb                            4.0          1mdv2009.1    i586
lsb-core                       4.0          1mdv2009.1    i586
(medium “Main”)
libopenslp1                    1.2.1        8mdv2009.1    i586
pax                            3.4          5mdv2009.1    i586
perl-CGI                       3.39         2mdv2009.1    noarch
(command line)
picasa                         3.0.5744     02            i386
103MB of additional disk space will be used.
32MB of packages will be retrieved.
Proceed with the installation of the 9 packages? (Y/n)


install google picasa

install google picasa

Then run.

picasa 3 for linux

picasa 3 for linux


One comment

  1. ngikut install pak 🙂

    tapi saya make ubuntu, nyaman buat nubie kayak saya 🙂

    bayu :
    mo pake linux ke apa, yang penting nyaman… 😀

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